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A Vow to Women for Women

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Mental Fortitude

Mindset and Emotions

Many of the barriers that we face, as females, play a detrimental role in our mindset and emotions. According to Miller (2016), in a qualitative, Prof. Ona C. Miller outlines the most prevalent internal barriers women face in nonprofit organizations (Miller, 2016, p.237). The internal barriers identified were intimidation, insecurity, fear, rejection, defeat, discouragement, belittled, weary, and forsaken. The participants described external barriers as things that seemingly are beyond self-control.

We must carefully concentrate on the health and wealth of our mental capacity. Our mental intellect drives the relationship between our verbal and non-verbal behaviors. During our lives, activities, schedules, routines, rituals, and practices, we must be vigilant about assessing our thought patterns. When we find ourselves off-kilter or in a place of imbalance, this is when we know it is time for some mental nutrients and supplements. Society and the medical definition often look at mental health as a selective dimming light that only affects a particular group. The truth is that we are all responsible for stabilizing and increasing our mental status. As female leaders, we should use the same efforts that we vigorously place in our economic, social, and political position should be equally delved out for our mental status.

Health and wealth are words that most everyone seeks. We all desire to be healthy, fit, whole, happy, and feeling accomplished. We want wealth financially, relationally, organizationally, practically, and spiritually. But, wouldn’t it be great for everyone to be able to engage in both Health and Wealth without reserve effectually. Wouldn't that meet all our desires, hopes, and dreams? It is tedious; however, we can do it.

So, how do we stay mentally healthy and wealthy? Being mentally healthy is a balanced, consistent flow of positive thoughts that birth creativity, innovation, and connectivity to enhanced behavior. Being mentally wealthy is an inclusive exchange of thinking that produces the action of substance and liberty.

We deliberately make sure that we do not obligate ourselves to things, people, situations, circumstances, and platforms that we do not desire or will not benefit our purpose. If you think back, there have been many times we have sacrificed ourselves for the sake of others or for the sake of not offending. If we stay healthy and wealthy mentally, we will have to remove the forced guilt of obligation.

  • Do not hide who you are.

  • Do not hide in the background.

  • Know your position here on earth.

  • Let your voice be heard.

  • Never stop creating.

We must be vigilant about assessing our thought patterns during our lives, activities, schedules, routines, rituals, and practices. We were depleted, exhausted, and confused about our identity when everything was all over We intentionally make sure that we make better decisions about our connections, partnerships, and relationships. If you evaluate past experiences, you will realize that many dysfunctional situations faced were because of a decision that was not well planned or thought through before execution. We had the signs, smoke screens, and warnings, but we did not pay attention or disregarded them altogether. When everything was all over, we were depleted, exhausted, and confused about our identity.

  • Remove residue from previous connections.

  • Be sensitive but do not be emotional.

  • Never choose fear; always choose faith.

  • Do not abandon or abort your assignment.

  • Guard and protect your mind, imagination, and thoughts.

We purposefully ensure that we disseminate our limited time where it will yield the most valuable return to our lives. We can’t forget that our time is something we will never get back, and it is a much sought-after commodity. We can’t just give it away freely or without careful consideration.

Protect your ear, eye, and noise gates.

  • Watch your environment and circle.

  • Don't coward down when challenged.

  • Excellence and quality

  • Always have a strategy.

We provokingly make sure that we indulge in self-development that allows us to grow, develop, and focus on expanding our lives and visions. When we increase our learning and knowledge, we can also enhance and advance the many lives attached to us and those lives around us.

  • Stay pure in your heart. Your motives and intentions must be pure.

  • Reach the next generation. Teach guide, and be an example to the next generation.

  • We are not in competition with men. Male or Female.

  • We do not compete.

  • We activate and mobilize our dreams, vision, passion, and purpose.

Most importantly, we must be faithful and vigilant in making a vow to ourselves for mental health and wealth. Our responsibility is to eliminate the internal barriers that we have control over.

1. Make a VOW to start building, restoring, and supporting one another. 2. Make a VOW to be for one another and not against each other. 3. Make a VOW not to talk down or be hostile towards each other. 4. Make a VOW to stop allowing things, people, and relationships to come between us. 5. Make a VOW to start genuinely listening and learning from each other.

6. Make a VOW to embrace one another instead of pushing each other away.

7. Make a VOW to start sharing our stories and not frown at our stories. 8. Make a VOW not to look down on each other but look at each other in the eye to understand. 9. Make a VOW to have each other's best interests at heart, void of schemes, plots, and sabotage. 10. Make a VOW to not stare at each other but engage with one another. 11. Make a VOW to stop blaming each other and be accountable for one another. 12. Make a VOW to start loving each other and stop hating each other. 13. Make a VOW not to intrude on each other's relationships and respect one another's covenants. 14. Make a VOW to start or continue to better ourselves so that we ALL look good. 15. Make a VOW to start loving ourselves more as individuals to love one another.

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