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Doctoral of Female Civility in Leadership



The Doctoral Degree Program is designed to unleash the expertise of the female student. As an expert, the student will build an organizational structure that will enhance the lives of other females globally. Additionally, students will engage in research to make recommendations to enhance the lives of females socially, culturally, and traditionally. The student will develop a path that will break barriers and build bridges for all women.


Degree Requirements:

This program requires each student to have an approved Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree and have earned at least 120 to 150 credit hours with an accredited educational institution. Thirty-Six (36) 5 - Credit Hour Courses constitute 180-credit hours for this program.

  • 36 Courses

  • Each Course is 5 credit hours

  • Total of 180 credit hours


The completion of a Doctoral Dissertation within two (2) years of the approval of the Dissertation Topic/Statement is required. You will submit your Dissertation Topic in your Dissertation Class.

All classes and coursework are completed online with additional virtual meetings with students and professors.

Upon Enrollment and Registration, you will receive a welcome package via email, and also a virtual Zoom meeting will be scheduled to answer any questions that you may have.

Several payment options available for up to 24 months


For additional information please contact our office by email at

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