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The Journey of Self Discovery through Self Love

Are you looking to set off on a Self-Discovery Journey?

Are you looking forward to deriving new insights about your True Self?

Whether spurred by a milestone birthday, life upheaval, or simply curiosity, many of us will at some point set out on a quest for greater self-knowledge. As part of this process, we must not only search to determine what constitutes our true selves but let go of objects of identification we’ve long mistaken for ourselves, requiring a balance of introspection and new experiences.

So, let’s set sail through a journey of self-discovery through self-love. The search for our true selves adapts to self-love; it works on self to identify three things.

1) Personal Potentials

2) Our Purposes for living

3) Opportunities to act upon those potentials and purposes in living.

The journey of self-discovery is a discovery of those potentials and personal goals that are to be actualized. Do you know ‘You can only discover your true self as much as you love yourself? Self-Love is a route to self-discovery. Self-love is not vanity & selfishness. It’s not being arrogant or egocentric; instead, for me, it’s nourishing yourself each day like your newborn, living each moment with fulfillment. So, my Friends, what does Self-love means to you?

  • Is it shopping for your favorites, a new set of clothing and accessory, and pampering yourself with a luxurious spa?

  • Does a healthy relationship make you love yourself more?

  • Is it doing your thing and don’t care if others like it?

  • Is it putting forth your desires?

Undoubtedly, they are all feel-good factors and gratifying. Still, one has to grow mature and rise above cosmetic appearance, superficial world, and dig deeper towards your soul. Well, I began with something exciting last month, ‘The 5 AM Club’, and discovered some fantastic reviews. I got aligned with my thoughts & feelings far better than before and accepted my shortcomings and strength with grace. When you grow to explore beyond your capabilities, try something new, listen to your inner voice, discover your true self, and fall in love with yourself more. Life is too short of sacrificing yourself, feeling victimized, silencing your voice, hesitating to express your pleasure and displeasure, and feeling self-guilt in prioritizing your needs over rest. What’s essential is not others' opinion of me but my opinion of myself. When you genuinely begin respecting and loving your life, you start attracting circumstances to you that support your well-being, trust me; it’s a miracle, proven and self-tested. It’s about balance, and none can try better than you, yourself. When we love ourselves, we begin to sense our real potential and the wide range of possibilities open to us. Love yourself even if you commit a blunder and forgive yourself. Love yourself even if you throw tantrums, have grudges, and even sulk with your irrational fears. With self-love, you will dare to follow your heart, take risks, and have the strength to be compassionate for yourself and others. Self-love is the foundation of your life.

More than anything else,

  • Practice solitude to understand your emotions for yourself and others.

  • You will need to commit to quiet time.

  • Try to adapt to a habit of introspecting yourself.

  • Ask yourself several times in a day about your feelings, what you need, listen to your inner voice, promise yourself a break, and treat yourself afterward. Love yourself gently as you love a newborn baby.

  • Find your balance. We all must push ourselves to have the same drive towards our inner fulfillment towards our worldly success, as inner happiness is what moves us towards genuine happiness.

  • Reconnect with self.

  • Prioritize the things you love.

  • Create space for fun activities; Stop feeling bad about things you wish to say no to.

Take it easy; don’t push yourself. It all comes down to one thing- Be happy & spread your happiness.

In our pursuit to achieve outstanding results, perfection, a sense of achievement, and so on, let us not ignores that essential element of fun, we must learn to love what we do, and the mantra should be ‘I do it because I love to do it, not because I must do it. Just try. Experiment with Nothing, But you will discover more love for yourself. The most important relationship you will have is the one with yourself’’.

Weave your Dreams! Explore Beyond! Discover the real you! Take Time to feed your soul, compliment yourself, pamper yourself, and watch out for how you talk to yourself because you are listening.

We are said to be ‘living ‘life only when we experience love and happiness and not boredom, anxiety, and a sense of aimlessness each day. Each of us constantly faces challenges at home, in relations, and in work with peers and society. Today, Being Happy with oneself and being in love with your company is no less than another mastery of the world. A sense of well-being, tranquillity, and inner peace are beings no less than feeling on top of the world. Today, most people are playing hide and seek with themselves, far away from their real being. They feel Happiness is something that comes by itself, like rain. But is it?

Have you ever wondered why time and again, we are all popping happy pills and soothing up with happiness & self-help books? We find ourselves resolving inner conflict, clinging to emotional crutches we have created, a nagging feeling of creepy thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, ultimately bottling ourselves with mental turmoil. In real terms today, everyone is holding back their vulnerabilities to maintain the social image of a confident and happy person. Heart to Heart Conversations have become shallow, rare, and superficial & most hearts are filled with empty defenses. Most people can’t even talk to their close members openly to fear being judged or rejected. Above all, social media, Images make sure Weakness is not glorified.

No Doubt, life has its dynamics. It will become hectic and complicated, slap you harder on your face when you are already going through a rough patch. Frankly, amid numerous social obligations, status quo, misery, and self-pity, you will not know where you are heading. So, at times, do you find yourself in Loop too? Are you a seeker, a weary, en-hungered & not knowing where to turn, vaguely struggling to live each day without a purpose? Do you twirl in a cycle of perceptual anxiety, blame-shifting, and sickness? Is your mind a society’s bin where anybody who passes by kinds of stuff something to your head?

So Am I saying that one has to stop always waiting for something to happen to be happy, step off the ‘hedonistic treadmill’ that constant hunger for new acquisitions and experiences, which is seductive but leaves people dissatisfied? Hovering for more.

Yes, your Addictions are leaching the life out of you. Friends, By Speeding through life, you are violating your right to experience connection &harmony. Life is beautiful, but only if you want it to be that way.

We deserve every good thing that we can acquire through self-belief, talent, and ability. Once you understand how life works, you begin to see amazing potential; Mundane Things don’t bother you anymore.

It is said that if you want to know yourself, see how others behave; if you’re going to understand others, look in your heart.

Let's stop analyzing life. Just live it. From this day forward, be the best you can be, and make a conscious effort to be happy &cheerful. Trust me; the Divinity and all his grace should crawl behind you all the time. It’s just that when the flower blossom, the flower does not go in search of the bee; likewise, happiness is infectious; it comes more often to happy Souls.

It’s easy to float through life when everything is going according to your will, but when things fall apart, and you are happy and love yourself &others, that is evolving!! The peak of emotion will lead you ultimately to yourself, to your center, and help you take off to space.

Well, seek not to find who you are but determine who you want to be. Life is not the process of discovery but a process of creation. Happiness is throbbing within you. Discover it. Get acquainted with your authentic self. Self-discovery supports two ways to catch glimpses of our true self: being intentional about the atmospheres in which we immerse ourselves and noticing the activities we feel drawn to.

Seek a Supportive Atmosphere

The more time we spend in the presence of supportive family, friends, lovers, and communities, the sooner we will be likely to discover our true nature. This is because warm and encouraging atmospheres facilitate feelings of inner security while providing the freedom to have our feelings and thoughts.

Here are a few ways for your path to self-discovery; seek quiet spaces and time out to facilitate reflection or journaling.

  • Join a social group whose interests and passions align with your own, such as a painting, writing, or poetry group.

  • Find a coach or therapist for a safe space to pursue self-discovery.

  • Set boundaries with people who discourage your individuality, negatively affect your emotions, or put you down.

  • Seek the company of people who inspire you, make you feel positive, and challenge your perception of yourself.

Grow, heal, and move forward!

I wish you a happy, glorified future!

Love yourself; bring more of it into your life, “Self-love is like jam; you can’t have it until you spread up.

Keep exploring your journey of self-discovery.

Identify Your Drifts

Pay close attention to the things you naturally love doing or drift, particularly personally expressive ones. By paying attention to the subconscious pull of these activities, you can allow them to guide you toward your true self, stemming from your genetic makeup, upbringing, and experiences.

Our drifts tend to emerge when the mind is still, so try selecting a quiet day to do some meditation or practice some relaxation techniques.

  • Try to notice activities that cause you to slip into the state of flow, as these often point us toward our drifts.

  • Consider which activities you possess a natural aptitude or talent for, perhaps using a strengths-finding exercise.

  • Think about which activities you find intrinsically motivating. These are the activities you would undertake in the absence of external rewards, such as money or the approval of others.

  • Notice when you feel a strong sense of personal responsibility to do something or have a unique vision about how something should be carried out.

The Introspection Hour

  • Few Mindful self-discovery questions-

  • What’s going on inside your body at the moment (e.g., sensations, flows of energy)?

  • Are there joy, ease, and lightness in what you are doing at the present moment?

  • Do you have any problems right now in tats present moment?

  • Is there anything you can do to change, improve, or remove yourself from a present dissatisfactory situation? If not, how can you move toward accepting your present circumstances?

  • What are your top five personal and professional values?

  • In what areas do you feel a personal sense of responsibility to better the world?

  • How are you living outside of your integrity?

  • What do you fear the most?

  • What fears have come true in your life?

  • For which pending decision could you need a little more courage?

  • What has made your childhood worthwhile?

  • What makes life worthwhile for you?

  • What trip have you always wanted to take, and how could you make this trip happen?

A growing trend in self-discovery has many components.

It is looking beyond specific goal pursuits (e.g., “I want to improve my self-esteem”) to discover how we can live authentically and be truly happy.

  • Exploring your values to live in unity with what’s most important to you

  • Discovering grounded confidence, centeredness, and strength

  • Identifying your abilities for making easier decisions

Here, Self-love is to act as co-pilot on a client’s journey toward authentic fulfillment by challenging them, imbuing them with courage, and showing compassion. Besides this negative emotional toll, the problem with pursuing such an idea is that it will be rooted in externally derived standards of worth.

To illustrate, here are some examples when people discovered themselves but didn’t dare to stand for it,

  • A student feels pressure from their parents to pursue a prestigious career in law, even though this line of work does not inspire them.

  • A famous musician has mistaken their true self with their like of the status, prestige, and social validation they receive while performing.

  • A woman’s family talks her into finding a husband and settling down when she’d rather travel the world with her friends.

  • A son feels obligated to take over the family business when he’d prefer to start his venture.

When we cannot live in alignment with our true selves, we must spend energy attempting to deny and distort our experiences to make sense of a pervasive lack of happiness and personal fulfillment. This is why self-discovery is so important.

This is a more realistic understanding of our strengths and limitations. By doing so, we can avoid negative psychological states and self-actualize, feel contentment, and make better contributions to the world.

I wish you a glorious journey of self-discovery.

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